Leave the desperation

Guys, millions of men and women today lead what has been called “lives of quiet and desperation.” They are panicky,  worried, neurotic, fearful, and, above all frustrated souls. And frustration results from failure either a failure that has already occurred or a failure in prospect. Man may become frustrated by comparing the immensity of the problem facing him with the feebleness of his resources for solving them in such a case, he is too discouraged, too apprehensive of failure, even to try for a solution. Or he may become frustrated from a lack of someone to love, someone who will love him sufficiently in return. The first type of frustration puts a soul in the harried position of a householder who becomes more and more depressed a the bills mount up, and money fails to materialize.

He dreads a future reckoning. The second kind of frustration involves the feeling that life is passing quickly and that the chances for emotional fulfillment are growing less with every year. Both forms of misery are connected, then with an unhappy individual’s consciousness of the passage of time. The frustrated soul is the one most apt to shiver if he sees the old sundial warning. Our lords laid down the rule for us in these words “Do not fret, then, over tomorrow, leave tomorrow to fret over its own need, for today, today’s troubles are enough (matthew 6:34).

Don’t look the problems as you assume, never look back and believe in God’s process. Frustration is not our ways, give your burden to God. Lord Jesus is the name who will heal you. We can not just hope the kind condition from God. We should try to accept his ways. The moments is always an indication to us of God’s will. The ways of pleasing him are made clear to us in several ways such as:
1.   Through His Commanmendts
2.   By the events of His Incarnate Life in Jesus Christ Our Lord.
3.   In the voice of His Mystical Body
4.   The church, in the duties of our state of Life.
Maybe we are suffering to be better. Keep on enjoying your problems just the way of God.

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