The essence of prayer and God is love

   God will not make the sun shine through a dirty window but the sun shine through the window if it is clean. God will not do what we can very well do four ourselves. He will not make a harvest grow wihout our planting the seed. It is a conditional universe in which man lives to bring about an effect we wish, we must proceed along the road to it through its cause. If a child studies, he will know, if someone strikes a match, it will iginite, in the spiritual order we have the words of our lord: "Ask, and the gift will come; seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened you"(Mathew 7:7). But there must be the preparation for God's help through the asking, and the seeking, and the knocking. Millions of favors are hanging from Heaven on silken cords-prayer is the sword that will cut them. "See where I stand at the door, knocking; if anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I will come in to visit him, and take my supper with him, and he shall sup with me"(Apocalypse 3:20).

   We must set our preparation to get God's gift. You ought to be God's image. Sometimes we always do crime and everything wihich opposite with God so that He will not give his priority to us. Do not what God hate and it always done by us. Look, many blessings and favors come to those individuals and families who put themselves wholeheartedly in the area of God's love.

   To pray to God there is the essence of prayer that is not the effort to make God give us something as this is not the basis of sound human friendships but there is a legitimate prayer of petition. But, above all of that God so love in us.. Don't be afraid because God is in you..

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