The egotist equals with atheist

As time goes on, the heart of such an egotist becomes more callous, and the tender sensitiveness of his soul is dulled. During this time we can see outside when people are going to be selfish person. There must be some heart becomes pain. Faults multiply to a point where, having ceased to fight againts evil, he now begins to fight againts god. So that we just quest what we want and doesn't have a control inside. Such is the psychological explanation of atheism in the modern world. For the new atheism is not like the old, theoretical atheism, which prided itself on being intellectually compunded of a little science, anthropology, and comparative religion. The new atheism is not of the intellect, but of the will. It is an act of free and eager rejection of morality and its demands. It starts with the affirmation of self and the denial of the Moral Law. The new atheist does not "know there is no God"

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