Have we give thanks to God?

Have we ever felt and give thanks to God for all blessing he gave to us? We always ask what we want and after we got it sometimes we forget to say thanks to God. He knows the best for us and he never ask to us back because he just need us to praise him and confess his almighty including say give thanks to him. Perhaps, you have big problem and it has heavy weight so that you feel it so strong in your shoulder. Jesus said that He is the way, the right and the live. We should remind his sound. For all the worst thing you have, we can call him and talk how we need him so much. Give thanks for his plan, because his plan is the rightness therefore we really say how great his kindness. For your info, if we always give thanks to god everyday you will be fine eventhough you lose your desire. Hmm.. feel that we are so close to God and think our live is not what we stay for, it is about what god stay at your heart. As we know there is thanksgiving day in USA and we know this is so important for all people and it gives big benefit to reduce high temperature and pressure on your mind.  Yeah, JESUS will heal and make it better. Keep your faith in JESUS. Don’t forget to give thanks to our god. Don’t be like the people who doesn’t know how to give thanks.

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